Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Missing: My pothead son Brendan

Missing: My pothead son Brendan
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I saw this on a pole in the annex. The text reads:

2 all my sweet neighbors in The Annex, please don't be alarmed - Brendan's just an irresponsible kid who does this sort of thing all the time (rest assured, he's done this before!) Anyway, on Satureday he went to a house party at Jacob's house. It's Sunday afternoon right now and he still hasn't called home to let me know he's ok, and what his plan is, as we promised before he took off. If anyone knowz Jacob's telephone number, pleeze send me e-letter at my website.

(p.s. Brendan, if you're reading this, I'm sorry to embarrass u, but you drove me to it with your irresponsibility. To any of Bren's neighborhood pals reading this, please mind your own beezwax!! This is between a diztressed father and his son. Thanx!)

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