Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I didn't get nearly enough done today

I could start just about every blog entry with that. I didn't get enough done today, ever, times ten.

I'm gong to try to spend less time on the internet. I need one of those internet timers like people get for their kids. Do they have such a thing? They should. I need to spend time with the computer off. I am neglecting my painting.

I did at least go to the gym today!

That was yesterday's entry. I forgot to post it. I went to the gym again today. I just got back from helping Dave copy stuff at work. I'm tired. I did no packing or painting today. Just office work and the gym. Tomorrow I think I start on the packing seriously. I keep saying that but sooner or later I will really have to do it. We got the expenses for the van approved from Dave's new work, so that was kind of a relief. I'm rambling.

Toronto General Hospital

Lately I've been into making grainy black and white versions of my photos, the way my photos used to look when I was a photography student at San Francisco City College in 1988.

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