Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sorry for not responding to comments

I thought I had it set up so I get comments emailed to me on this blog, like I do on my Toronto Photos blog, but I didn't. I just thought no one ever commented! Today when I was going through some old posts I realized that a bunch of people had sent me comments, some of them on more than one post. So thanks for reading and I will be responding to them in the future.

Right now I'm putting off going to the gym, I am all dressed and everything but that's probably why I am reading old posts on my journal instead of actually being at the gym.

It's exactly two weeks until moving day. We found a great house in Syracuse and someone who lives up the street from it wrote me a nice note because they saw my posting on someone else's blog.

The house is three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a washer/dryer hookup, a two car garage that used to be a stable and it has a fireplace and wood floors and a screened porch in the back. I didn't take any photos of it while I was there, but there will be many, many photos in about two weeks.

I can paint the walls different colors, which is great. We hardly have any furniture and won't have much for a while. I sold my painted table, chairs and couch to the new people who will move into this place. I'm going to be looking on craigslist and at thrift and lower price antique stores. My goal is to have all wood furniture and no pressboard ikea type stuff. There's no ikea in syracuse!

Syracuse on the night of the Jazz Festival

My goal is to paint some today. I haven't packed up my paints yet because I might feel like painting and we are not moving for two weeks. But it's been so hot it's hard to think about painting.

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