Monday, December 03, 2007

Pink Peony Mirror

Pink Peony Mirror, originally uploaded by Melsky.

This isn't a new item. i didn't finish anything today! I just thought I would post this because it's one of the things I'm surprised hasn't sold and I think it turned out really well, especially the green pod parts.

Pink Peony Mirror

I did sell a bunch of stuff to someone who was my very first Etsy customer! He also bought stuff from me on Ebay. I think he owns some of my flying saucer paintings. Anyway, I was thrilled to wake up to a big sale.

Today it rained, then a big snowstorm came in, the kind with lots of wind where the snow looks like it's snowing horizontally. I had to walk to the post office in that! I kept putting it off, then as I was finally getting ready to go Dave came home early and was able to give me a ride. So procrastination paid off for me, for once.

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