Thursday, December 06, 2007

Yellow Syracuse Fire Truck

Yellow Syracuse Fire Truck, originally uploaded by Melsky.

Can you see where I did the clumsy editing job here? I took this from my window and my next door neighbor had a big pile of trash in his driveway that showed in the foreground. So I duplicated the snow and covered it!

Today I went cross country skiing. I love that I can walk to go skiing! Sunnycrest park is about three blocks away and when it's not covered in snow it's a golf course. When the snow comes they make trails in it, and there's a ski lodge where they rent skis on weekends. This was my first time cross country skiing ever and I loved it. But I would like to find some place flatter. I did great except for the parts with hills. And there's lots of hills! I don't mind going up the hills but down is very scary and I actually just took my skis off and walked down a few of them.

After shoveling the driveway and then skiing, I was very hungry and made myself a nice piece of salmon and some rice for lunch.

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