Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I sold a painting!

I sold a painting in my Etsy store - this one of sunflowers. It is a painting I started in 2004 in Los Angeles. I started painting an abstract background, and then I was going to paint on top of that, sort of the style of painting where I doodle and paint flowers and stuff for an abstract floral. But the colors got all muddy, and I stopped working on the painting for a while. I brought it up here with me and decided to let the blue green background serve as a kind of a frame. So I painted a white rectangle in the center and used that part as my canvas to paint a new painting of sunflowers in a clear glass vase.
Sunflowers in a Glass Vase

I'm so happy to have sold a painting. It's going all the way to England.

In other news, I have updated my Wonder Valley Desert Site. I used to live in a very isolated part of the Mojave Desert before I moved to Toronto. I did the site while I was still living there, and hadn't updated it.

It's hard to imagine living in the desert now. When I lived in the desert it was hard to imagine moving here!

This was the view from my old house:

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