Thursday, May 31, 2007

Raining, complaining

It started out hot today, then clouded over, cooled off and the wind picked up. Lovely coolness! Then the rain started, then the thunder and lightning. Now the storm seems pretty much over and it's starting to get hot and sticky again. So why does my cat have to want to cuddle now? Oliver is acting like it's a cold day or something.
Rain out my window
Whenever I pet either one of them they give off a snowstorm of hair despite the fact that I brush them every day. I'm not a big summer or warm weather person.

I updated my Wonder Valley site again - yesterday's update just didn't cut it. I added more photos and changed the background color, and put in some more links. I did some really beautiful paintings when I was in the desert, when I went to add more of them to the site I was surprised how nice they were. I may have them printed up into cards.

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow at 9:30. Right now it looks like an acrylic dust mop that someone set on fire and quickly put out. Photo not available!

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