Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sky Fish Heart

Sky Fish Heart, originally uploaded by Melsky.

This is a new painting, another one in the Sky Fish series. All of the other Sky Fish have sold so far. It's kind of like the Pieces symbol too, so I'm hoping someone might buy it for that.

Pieces Sky Fish Heart painting on Etsy

I just finished a mirror that matches this and I will put it up tomorrow because I'm too tired to scan it right now.

I have a few more things I've put up lately that I haven't blogged. Oh dear, I am being lazy on my blogging!

This is one of them, a collaged card with Frida Kahlo and a deer.

This is a magnet called CALL ME

Recently I had thought about going back to selling on Ebay. Well, I just read that Ebay lowered their listing fees and now gallery is free. Great! So am I going to sell on Ebay now? No, because they raised their final value fees (that's what they call their commission off the final price) and you can no longer leave negative feedback for buyers, and paypal won't release your money until you get positive feedback! So, no way. My big fear is that ebay will buy etsy. Shudder!

Last week I took a lot of photos of downtown Syracuse and now I'm thinking about painting something based on them. I'm excited about the new project and I hope it will spur me into getting some offline exposure.

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