Saturday, July 21, 2007

We're moving to NY

Me at Niagra Falls, originally uploaded by Melsky.

So much has happened. I feel bad for not keeping up with this blog more. Dave had interviews in Albany and Syracuse, and he has an offer from Syracuse and will probably be getting one from Albany in the middle of next week. So we are going to be moving to NY for sure.

I have a lot to do. We have our current place until the end of August. At first I wasn't going to take anything that wouldn't fit in our car, but now we have decided to rent a van and take our bed, my green cabinet, some shelves and a bunch of other stuff. I'm selling our couch and this table:

Table Top Pattern

because the couch is uncomfortable, we need one that you can lay on and not just a loveseat and the table I am just sick of looking at. I painted it three years ago and we have been eating on it every night.

I'll miss Toronto tap water. Toronto has great tasting tap water.

At first I was very nervous about leaving but now I feel better about it.

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Transit Rage said...

Ohhhh... :( I'm happy for you two, but even though we haven't been able to hang around much lately, I'm sorry you're going.

I hope you'll both be happy there.