Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A trip down memory lane

I'm working on my old web sites. I started doing them in 1999 I think. I have a bunch of web pages preserved in amber, with all these graphics, photos and paintings. I'm making myself a better page as my primary website. Mostly it will direct people to my etsy store, though I may set up a paypal store eventually.

It's strange to see all the old pages I made. Some of them were just started and never really developed. Some were totally outdated information - the one on San Diego web pages was last updated in 2003. Since I'm not interested in San Diego any more, I just deleted it.

This is a painting from 2002.

Yesterday we took a day trip to Rochester, New York to visit my husband's cousin and brother. The cousin lives there, the brother lives in Switzerland where he's doing post doctorate work in a lab in a university there. It was a nice trip. Rochester is pretty, many nice old houses and lots of trees. We went to a barbecue restaurant that I didn't like much, but my husband and brother in law really loved it so I was glad we went.

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