Thursday, June 14, 2007

I suck at bellydancing, but I look sort of good

Free Flying Floral, originally uploaded by Melsky.

I'm bad at any kind of dancing, not that I try a lot. Since recently I discovered I'm pretty athletic and have some stamina, I've tried two dance classes at my gym. One was way too advanced for me, it was some sort of fitness dance. Today I tried beginning bellydance. I had a very hard time. Some people can just look at the teacher doing a few steps and then just do it, and continue doing it. Not me, I get all confused. I learn one thing, and then all of the sudden they want you to do that thing in conjunction with some other new thing. Huh? If I ever decide to learn to dance, any sort of dance, it's got to be private lessons because I hold up the whole class.

The funny thing was though, I looked the best of anyone there, even though I was the worst dancer. I have a small waist and big hips, and when I do those moves, even badly, I look great. (I could see the rest of the class behind me in the mirror. I was in the front because the teacher made all the newbies come up front. Otherwise, I would have been in the very back and probably would have slunk off halfway through.)

I finished a new painting today. Hope to finish one a day because I have so many started right now. I also have to work on my table I'm painting.

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