Monday, June 25, 2007

This is me, on Saturday, all sweaty with messy hair but it's a good photo. I'm starting to lose more weight in my face.

I'm really enjoying the whole weight loss/working out in the gym thing. I love watching fat disappear from various parts of my body and get replaced by muscle.

The photo was taken on a bridge over the Don River. We went on a very long walk, from our house to Riverdale. It was about 13 kilometers. Then we had steaks at the Tulip, a Toronto institution, one of those restaurants that's been there forever. Dave thought the gravy was salty and I was surprised to see

I've gotten a commission for a painting, based on this painting, Saguaro Margarita. The original of the painting is 9x12, and this version is going to be 30x40! It's going to Arizona where it will hang in a bar. I'm excited to have such a large commission. Tomorrow I go to Tern Art Supplies and get the canvas. The people saw it on my Wonder Valley Desert page.

It's starting to get hot here. I put in the air conditioner a week ago and we used it for the first time tonight. Or rather Dave used it. I've gotten much more resilient to temperatures.

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