Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I've got to paint more

Where does the day go? I have all these painting projects that I have to finish before I start new ones, and I'm not finishing them. I need to carve out some time where I just sit down and paint.

We are giving our notice on July 1 for 60 days. I have a very bad feeling that I am going to be living somewhere I like a lot less than this. I'm very worried. I hope I can keep up with my walking and gym where ever we go. It's been so nice to see success in that area.

Today I went to the gym, then I went to mail my package and it was pouring, but I walked to the post office anyway, and to the butcher, and to the bulk foods store. I love living in a walking neighborhood.

I also painted a shirt today. The shirt had a huge grease spot on it so I painted a sunflower over it. I'll put a photo of that tomorrow.

The painting is one from a long time ago, a couple of years. I painted it while I was living in the desert. For some reason it looks a little odd on the photo, perhaps it is the way it was shrunk. But it really reminds me I need to start painting again on a regular basis. If you click on it you can see a larger image that looks better. Such a simple painting. I'm working on another painting that is a lot of patterns and it doesn't look that great. But who knows, I bet that it will look much better once it's done. If it ever is.

Another thing, I'm working on listing a bunch of beaded jewelry I have made.

I'm so nervous about moving.

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