Monday, November 19, 2007

Blue Psycho Kitty

Blue Psycho Kitty, originally uploaded by Melsky.

More Psycho Kitty! This time in blue on a yellow and red background. Canvas panels always scan so badly! The original image looks so much smoother.

Psycho Kitty art for sale

Untasted has made avatars out of a lot of my paintings for her avatar community on LiveJournal. So if you use avatars for LiveJournal or any other blog or message board, check them out: Melsky Avatars

I bought four cardio exercise machines on craigslist and they are being delivered tomorrow! I'm exited about it. I have been staying pretty much on my plan, based on Body for Life, and I have not been overeating and have not missed any days exercising. The plan calls for eating six small meals a day, with a serving of carbs and protein in each one, doing twenty minutes of interval cardio three times a week, lifting weights three times a week, and one free day where you get to eat whatever and not exercise. I have not been weighing myself but I can tell I'm losing some fat. It makes me happy that I'm looking forward so much to getting these new cardio machines because I think they will get a lot of use and give me some more variety. Right now all I have is a Nordic Trac.

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