Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sunny Day In The Mojave

Joshua Tree Sun, originally uploaded by Melsky.

Another desert painting. I wonder sometimes if I ever moved back to the desert if I would paint a bunch of stuff inspired by Toronto and Syracuse. I've noticed that when I leave a place or a time in my life that I dream about it. For a long time my dreams were set at my grandmother's house in La Mesa, California. There was almost always something bad happening in the dream, the house was on fire or people were breaking in. In one memorable dream Bruce Springsteen was breaking in through the laundry room!

I didn't dream about San Francisco much until I left it. I dream about the desert surprisingly little for all the impact it has had on me artistically. Now I have started to have some dreams about Toronto. It's like I'm filing things away and sorting them out since I am no longer there.

It's been a lovely fall day today. I went on a long walk and took some photos of leaves and stuff. There is enough fuel for the artist's imagination here. I love fall colors and old buildings.

Anyway, here's a link to today's painting: A Sunny Day in the Mojave with Joshua Tree

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