Saturday, November 03, 2007

Toronto day and night

Toronto day and night, originally uploaded by Melsky.

Day three and I'm still here. If I didn't have my goal to put something in my store and post every day I'd be in bed now. So it's good to have goals.

This is a painting I did last April. I was living in Toronto at the time and hoping to get more of my work into local stores and galleries. That never happened. Toronto was just a bad place for me artistically. It was a hard time in my life. I'm doing a lot better as an artist in Syracuse in terms of meeting people in arts organizations and galleries and such. Plus I have a much better space for my art. It's a smaller space than my Toronto studio but a better layout, and since this house has so much storage space I don't have to try to cram a lot of stuff in here. It has nice big windows too.

I do miss a lot of stuff about Toronto, like the transit system! I miss being able to walk to so much stuff, all the restaurants, the exciting feeling of being in a big city.

Anyway, back to the painting, it's here:

Toronto Day and Night Painting

It's actually two paintings! I think they would look really cute side by side.

Tomorrow I have goals, besides putting up something else on Etsy and writing about it in my blog, I am going to clean up my studio and send out some cards I made.

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