Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunsets I have known and loved

Sunset Palm, originally uploaded by Melsky.

I grew up in San Diego, and there were amazing sunsets. Not just near the water, it seemed just about anywhere you were the sunsets were amazing.

In Los Angeles too, I remember being in the car on the Harbor freeway and looking out over the tops of the buildings and seeing row upon row of palm tree against the sunset. So beautiful, though if you could have seen those buildings close up they would be fearsome. ( a high crime deteriorating neighborhood)

The Mojave desert had the best sunsets. Every night I would go out there and take photos until I discovered that every night was a jaw-droppingly amazing sunset and I got a little less intense about it.

When we moved to Ontario and were living by the lake the sunrises were pretty but the sunsets were just so-so. I guess it was the way we were laid out by the lake.

Then when we moved to Toronto I couldn't see enough of the sky. Same here in Syracuse. I'm sure there's pretty sunsets and sunrises in both places, probably by the lakes.

Today I took a walk and saw sunset colors on the fallen leaves. They are really amazing right now, carpeting whole lawns and parts of the street. They are falling faster and sometimes cover parked cars.

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